Spindrift Research
Exploring consciousness and prayer

                  An Overview of Spindrift Research  

       Mankind's views of the world have changed so much.  

   For example, how religion views the world is disappearing.

What we dwell on the most is what we worship. Have you noticed virtually the entire population is worshiping at the temple of technology? It's understandable. Since technologies are today's religious miracles.

Considering these as technological miracles, does the primitive practice of prayer have a chance to be understood by our modern world? A way prayer has a chance to be understood by the world is when some common ground is leveled between science and religion.

Co-founder of Spindrift, John Klingbeil, said to the President of Spindrift Research, "You have to have something unique to get people interested in your product. Spindrift has a unique product to offer [some distinctive subtle imprints of thought and prayer]. The hardest problem for us is first to get people over a wall of resistance to what we do when we test thought and prayer. After that resistance subsides, they can see what is unique and prudent about anticipating what could work as a future interface between science and religion."

Spiritual wisdom is better than a spiritual healing. How? A spiritual healing is a onetime product. Spiritual wisdom is a factory for a product. "Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom preserves those who have it." (Ecclesiastes 7:12, New International Version.

The benefit of researching links between science and religion.

Research would benefit Western civilization by showing some spiritual laws and values are principles that stabilize civilization and manifest effects of order. 

Co-founder, Bruce Klingbeil, said, "If Spindrift can interest scientists and society in doing further research of prayer and consciousness, this exploration would be a great accomplishment." Why is it so urgent to do prayer and consciousness research? Western civilization was founded on Judeo-Christian laws, values, and principles. Some of those founding laws, values, and principles are under siege because they are considered tainted by religion. The rise of technology and radical Islam have hastened the rise of atheism. Atheistic scientific explanations of truth, growing addictions to technology, and letting in ideas from Islamic law have threatened the continuation of Western laws, values, and principles.

Bruce said Christians, Jews and religious leaders have the dismissing attitudes of the youth concerning God and spiritual distinctions staring them in the face. Religious people are beginning to see the dismissal by the youth of spiritual distinctions taught by religion is largely due to advancements in science and the hypnotism of the social media and AI.

New versions of reality emerge.

Religion does provide hope and distinctions of truth for some people, but religion appears increasingly useless to the youth and some modern thinkers. What has happened to mankind? The preponderance of scientific findings provide answers to ancient mysteries and inventive men create floating virtual realities that have created a paradigm shift which has replaced God's spiritual distinctions with virtual realities, 3-D printing, stealth (invisibility), robot ships that travel the seas without sailors, and computer vision. Also, the addictive brain hacking of social media is steeling our time and souls. There is little doubt the cyber evil and virtual deceptions that hijack and occupy our five material senses are the new enemies of perceiving Christ and spiritual reality. 

Spiritual distinctions are Quality distinctions.

John and Bruce Klingbeil worked with ths premise: Quality effects followed from a holy way of living and thinking. If the effects of Quality thoughts could be argued to follow from a holy way of living and thinking, the effects should suggest inductively to some observers something holy is testifying behind the effects. (See A Journey into Prayer, page 370.) Jesus Christ stresses this view of the goodness of Quality effects testifying back to a cause in John 10:38. "Even if me ye may not believe, the works believe, that ye may know and may believe that in me is the Father, and I in Him." (Young's Literal Translation.)

The premise of God as the ordering-power implicit in prayer is presumed by Spindrift. But a divine Cause hidden underneath visible reality cannot be proved by the sciences. So Spindrift was effect oriented. Spindrift found a way to monitor some effects of prayer. For an explanation of how the effects from prayers were monitored, see the History page, paragraphs 25 - 28. 

An hypothesis about the positive micro-effects of Quality:   

The Quality Hypothesis

Here is the Spindrift Quality Hypothesis: Quality effects are conveyed by some prayers. Quality thought inside prayer leaves a superior effect of order on subjects than does will-power thought. The hypothesis looked at distinctive patterns of order left by some prayers. The hypothesis sought to distinguish a Quality ingredient in human consciousness that promotes order in a separate way than how our ego, will-power, belief assumptions, and the placebo effect promote order. 

For the theories as hypotheses tested, go to the Theory page. For examples of how the Quality Hypothesis and other theories worked out in experiments, go to the Examples page. For extensive scientific explanations and data, consult The Spindrift Papers on the Documents page here or ask for a copy from Spindrift.

What is Quality?

Quality is the holy ingredient that highlights human progress. If we get Quality in any degree in life, we get enhancements to our life. Quality brings patterns of increased order and structure to the mind, to the arts, innovation, athletics, talents, and healing. We intuitively know it's better to have Quality than not to have it. We may be keen to some of what Quality is, but mostly Quality is unobvious to us. 

If Quality is missing in something, we know it. Without Quality, the world is not as symmetrical, beautiful and whole to us.

There is an ordering-aspect of the Christ. Spindrift brings together Quality and Christ with the Christ as the holy ordering-element of Quality effects. 

For natural science, the word Quality is used. For theology, the word Christ is used. In the proper context, Christ and Quality are synonymous terms.

Creative people draw from a Quality promoting mechanism within human consciousness.

Spiritual people have to have some talents of being creative because they are drawing on invisible metaphysical laws and forces. They believe inductively. John Klingbeil wrote we all have the potential to express "divine attributes, a qualitative oneness with God." (Qualitative Research, page 22.) 

Bruce Klingbeil said, "There is a loving and information based healing ordering-mechanism operating in consciousness." Bruce means qualitative thoughts of Quality provide an ordering-mechanism within human consciousness. People have the Christ-potential to subdue their will-power thoughts and attune to this "ordering-mechanism" when they decide to cultivate loving qualities in their qualitative thoughts. The Sermon on the Mount is a good model of qualitative thoughts to cultivate within our subconscious minds.

How the word wonder can trigger Quality in us is discussed in this brief video on wonder

For more about the word Quality, see Question 4 on the FAQ page

Spindrift started a meme with the word brower ? What is a brower? Each word put into a browser or search engine is a brower. Three words would be three browers.

Jesus Christ demonstrated inspired laws.  

What did the Klingbeils find out about prayer? Lower prayer follows the desires we have as human beings. Higher prayer obeys certain laws of spiritual consciousness. 

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount could be considered Jesus' inspired laws with the ingredients for demonstrating higher prayer. 

Co-founders, Bruce and John, father and son, were lonely and frustrated so few thinkers in religion foresaw what problems were developing for religion and for the behavior of mankind. What problems? Without plans to build new connections between human consciousness, religion, prayer, spiritual laws that suggest an inner order, and the advancements in science, the new addictions created by technology, plus the social media cyber intrusions that control our minds: Without making plans to address these connections, science and technology would dominate minds and wipeout Christianity. 

John said, "Religion has to become more scientific, or we're sunk."

American society is moving away from Christian and Jewish values. For example, in politics fewer citizens are voting Biblical principles. To illustrate there are some laws of nature with a spiritual engine running them should create a curiosity about spiritual laws. At least that is Spindrift's belief.  

"Bruce said in effect, "We shouldn't hang our hats totally on data. A healing can sometimes speak for itself and can have meaning for the individual. For the collective educated society and culture, data is necessary to add to the explanation of the healing. Spiritual healing is so counterculture and bizarre to modern people that it requires an explanation. Data about healing may be encouragement for us to further explore the holy qualities in human consciousness that telekinetically move systems (patients) toward order and healing." At another time, Bruce said, "Civilization should work for discoveries through material science yet not exclude spirituality, the quality side of life. Science should strive for understanding both quality and quantity. We human beings need to bring spiritual maturity up to par with our technological discoveries. Otherwise, we may be doomed."

Bruce and John emphasized the urgency of "Necessity is the mother of invention." If believers in religion and spirituality don't recognize 'now,' (now is the time), the urgency is taken away. 

Prayer is the international language of spirituality.

There are about 650 prayers given in the Bible.  

The following are three definitions of prayer applied in the Spindrift prayer experiments.

  • "Prayer is a force that brings increasing evidence of order to its object." -- Bruce Klingbeil
  • "Normalizing prayer is an ordering-mechanism that changes physical systems." -- John Klingbeil
  • John also said in effect about holy prayer, "Quality prayer affirms your identity field and affirms the identity field that receives prayer." 

Granted , there are more appealing definitions of prayer on planet Earth. These three definitions above give us a context for isolating a Quality ingredient that introduces more order or not during a test of prayer.

Spindrift has a more human friendly definition: "Prayer is expectation therapy." 

In a broad sense, prayer is being Quality, moral, and spiritually minded. If prayer is an inner-man and Spirit-man issue, what could we possibly investigate about the ingredients of some prayers? We can try to recognize some markers which indicate spirituality, morality, and prayer are natural ordering-components of human existence. Such a finding of some markers that indicate spiritual mindfulness should help mankind gain more of a complete picture of creation which includes how a Quality ingredient in prayer interfaces with our human consciousness.

The cart before the horse

Then the question arises, if a better Quality difference in prayer does bring increased order to the effects of the prayer, is the guidance of God in the loop with the prayer? First things first. Seeking "God in the loop" is placing the cart before the horse.

What should be established first about prayer? First ask, "Is there an effect from prayer?" Establish first a Quality ingredient is manifested as an imprint or effect that is agreed-upon as an order derived from a person's mindfulness that resonates to produce the effect. 

What order is hidden underneath Quality effects?

A personal belief there is a divine Cause as God is a totally different belief to pursue than to provide evidence there is a hidden divine Cause in the loop. The relationship between the Quality effects and the Creator of the Quality effects should be explored later. Perhaps someday the Quality effects, occasioned by a person's spiritual mindedness, could lead to a discovery of an operative divine Cause that illustrates "God in the loop."

Religion pushes for people to believe in an invisible God who lives in another dimension. A God of invisibility is tough to sell in the age of science and technology. Maybe someday.

Causes Behind Effects.

It's true just because prayer acting-at-a-distance isn't visible and a dog whistle isn't heard doesn't mean they don't exist. Even so, we do live in an era of science that won't stop asking questions about the various causes behind effects.

A future theory should emerge to explain what operates as the ordering-power that delivers the effects of Quality which result in inner and outer order and healing. (See A Journey Into Prayer: Pioneers of Prayer in the Laboratory, pages 181 and 370.)

God, help me become half the person my dog thinks I am.  

The premise of God as the ordering-power implicit in prayer is presumed by Spindrift and most of its volunteers. However, a divine Cause as the God-Principle hidden in the background cannot be deduced by the sciences so far.

So Spindrift was effect oriented. Spindrift asked, "What can we learn about these effects?" The effects should display an evidentiary trail. The patterns of the effects should tell us a story about the Quality of the healing-order shaped by an initiating thought-force called prayer. As with the Quality effects from the arts and aesthetics, the Quality of the effects that produce order from prayer should offer us a thread of grace and majesty in the midst of chaos.

What are some agendas that drive prayers?

The Scottish believe the stories we tell about our lives define who we are. Spindrift feels prayer operates in a similar way. What we pray about often tells a story that helps to define who we are and what we plan to accomplish.

Prayers have a range in the Quality of their driven agendas, such as:

  • Some prayers express Love for the identified object of their affection.
  • Some prayers build up our confidence to face the challenges of the day.
  • Some prayers are used to get us things as material goals that sometimes can be selfish goals.
  • Some prayers for the world are to lessen the world's conflicts. (See the indirect prayer theory on the Theory page .)
  • Some prayers have an unselfish and loving motive to adjust to the best potential solution.

For an explanation of how prayers scale from selfishness to holiness, see the FAQ page, Question 7, "Hints about Prayer."

Prayer is a bridge to another dimension.

Holy Quality prayer turns lights on in another dimension. 

What types of prayer did Spindrift investigate? Spindrift investigated indirect prayer, directed prayer with attached goals, prayer without goals, negative prayer, and evil prayer.

The two prayers that got the most attention and publicity were goal-directed prayer and non goal-directed prayer.

• Goal-directed prayer is like a water reservoir. It's a closed system that flows around in one location. Its effects focus on a specific target. Goals often fix on an immediate target and often do not see the long view.

• Non goal-directed prayer is like a river. It's an open system that flows into other locations. Its effects flow to where needed. Having flexible goals is empathetic prayer that listens for 'Thy will' to be done in a situation.

• As a rule, the effects from non goal-directed prayer are preferable because these effects correspond with an increase of order for the situation that is addressed by prayer.

                • In comparison, most of the effects from goal-directed prayer don't seek order. 

As a rule, goals in prayer seek a specific goal to be achieved without consideration of order.

How these two prayers produce different effects is explained on the FAQ page, Question 3.

What is meant by paving a path to subjects of prayer?

It's reasonable to assume that a person's thoughts resonate, associate, and form a path to reach-out and touch someone or some situation decided upon as the subject of prayer. What does Spindrift call the forming of mental connections to people and situations? Spindrift calls it Associational Linkage . See the FAQ page, Question 5. For deeper information about Associational Linkage, go to this link here.

Who provided the prayers for the experiments?  

In the Spindrift lab, prayers were provided by the Spindrift staff and volunteers. Volunteers came from different religious backgrounds. The objects prayed-for were lower plant organisms that had a need, some parapsychology experiments, and for the effects of thought and prayer on random number generators called RNGs. The random numbers produced by RNGs, when in the presence of thought and prayer, showed evidence of producing order instead of randomness.

Some volunteers that prayed did not register measurable effects.

There were surprises. Some people didn't produce a measurable result.  Sometimes, probably out of fatigue or a lack of being spontaneous, some people would get a result and then on the next test not get a result.

When a volunteer's prayers did register a measurable effect, the Spindrift researchers could deduce the agendas of the prayers by following the effects on the organisms.  For example, did the effects achieve a goal, but the goal was not in the best interest of the organisms? Or did the effects achieve what was best for the order and needs of the organisms? The data that was collected were comparisons of those two patterns of order.

About the volunteers:

• People from various religious backgrounds prayed for the experiments.

• Some of the volunteer's prayers did not draw noticeable effects. Their non effects matched the control group.

• When a volunteer's prayers did draw noticeable effects, the effects moved toward order or away from order.

• A direction of effects that moved toward increased order was a positive result.

• A direction of effects that moved away from order to disorder was a negative result.

What is the scientific interpretation of the direction taken by a positive effect or a negative effect?

  • Order followed some of the prayers. Order is measured as a positive effect. 
  • Disorder followed some prayers. Disorder is measured as a negative effect.
  • Goal-directed effects sporadically produced a known healing-order of norms.
  • A majority of the time, goal-directed effects deviated from the norms of healing-order.
  • Non goal-directed effects always produced a healing-order.
  • A holy action is understood to move effects in the direction of norms and order.
  • An unholy action is understood to move effects away from norms and order.  

Positive effects registered healing-results as order.  

The positive effects were effects-of-order that lined-up with the norms that were the patterns of order that were the needed order in a situation given attention.

Please describe the POSITIVE effects?

Embracing and affirming nurturing Love often helped prayer to return a situation toward an understood standard of order and cohesion. The pattern of Love is to bring harmony.

Please describe the NEGATIVE effects?

Negative effects registered distorted results as disorder.

Negative prayer effects moved away from patterns of order and cohesion. 

The negative effects from negative prayers were produced from two variations of disorder:

1. Disorder followed prayers that were UNINTENTIONALLY negative in effect when they pushed a patient or plant organism in a wrong direction to heal. An unintentional negative effect is explained when a person's belief-system presumed to know the direction to focus his thought to heal a need. His presumption was wrong.

2. Other people transmitted negative prayers that INTENTIONALLY did harm. Spindrift found that negative prayers aka malpractice prayers are a hidden fire in some religious people. Dark prayers transmit curses. Evildoers transmit "You want it darker, kill the flame." -- Songwriter, Leonard Cohen

3. In short, interference on order is unintentionally harmful or willfully harmful.

The dark days for Christianity and religion.

Spindrift Research made some predictions which are worth mentioning:

1. That our lives being overwhelmed and controlled by technology is predicted to be biggest problem to face Christianity, religion, and spirituality.

2. Within religion itself, the problem for religion is how to face the radical Islamic proliferation moving across civilizations.

On the FAQ page, Question 21, consider other predictions by Spindrift. 

Do we have any cheerful prayer advice to offer?  

Yes. The basis of right thought and action is often prayer for oneself. You have to straighten yourself out first before you can help anybody else. For example: Mary Baker Eddy recommends that a person prayerfully review his or her motives and acts at least once a month. (Reference: Church Manual, page 40.) She wrote a daily prayer for oneself: '''Thy kingdom come;' let the reign of divine Truth, Life, and Love be established in me, and rule out of me all sin; and may Thy Word enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them!" ( Ibid. , page 41.) "True prayer is not asking God for love; it is learning to love, and to include all mankind in one affection." (Ref: No and Yes, page 39.) Jesus' lessons on Love and Quality ingredients for prayer are found in The Sermon on the Mount.

For additional insights about prayers that have good motives, go to the five suggestions about prayer on the FAQ page, Question 7.

How were the Spindrift experiments set-up?

Using hundreds of thousands of beans, seeds, yeast cells, mold, etc., and dividing them into control groups (non prayed-for groups) and treated groups (prayed-for groups), Spindrift has subjected the above to stress and measured and compared the responses--the return to normal--of the organisms. 

The reason behind experimenting with simple organisms, rather than complex organisms such as people, is that healing smaller problems lend themselves to observation and less variables to go wrong. 

How were measurements taken? A quantitative measurement observed was the amount of movement of an organism toward or away from its norms of order. 

Praying for lower organisms under observation was a unique approach to "Observe how the lilies of the field grow." (Matthew 6:28, New American Standard.) 

The skeptic's disputation is this: "There is no distance to prayer. Prayer is all in the head. Distance doesn't exist." The challenge for consciousness researchers is to establish links between a psychic action and a manifested effect. 

Some doubters cite failures of prayer to heal people and evil as proof that effects from prayer don't exist. Perhaps modest examples of Quality prayers that imprint patterns of order and mending may provide some modest balance to the failures. 

Jesus said people who pray are peacemakers. Can we find more prayer practitioners for the world?   

It's a good goal to try to find people in the population to be healers for world.

There are some people walking the Earth now who would be surprised to discover that they have a God given non goal-directed talent to become a healer. The Klingbeils hoped that teams of non goal-directed people could secretly pray for world concerns. These people would be prayer practitioners for the world. 

Aside from the volunteers who didn't occasion a noticeable result from prayer, of the volunteers who did occasion a result, many produced a goal-directed result. Fewer volunteers produced a non goal-directed result. A non goal-directed effect was more rare.

The outcomes of the prayer experiments pointed to non goal-directed prayer as the preferable prayer for bringing restorative order to situations. Restored order was understood to be the desired healing-result of order. Apparently, if enough people in the population are tested, many people could find out that they have a talent to become a non goal-directed prayer practitioner.

Goal-directed prayers ask for specific things to happen. Goal-directed prayers are also called petitionary prayers. Petitionary prayers ask to reach a goal. There are times when asking for a goal to achieve is the proper approach. At other times, asking for a goal to achieve can be problematic because when we ask for something we want, it may not be what the divine Mind had in Mind that meets a need.

There are exceptions when a goal-directed petitionary prayer brings out the healing-effect needed.

In most circumstances, when a healing-effect improves order and meets a need, the effect produced is the proper effect because it's a non goal-directed effect.

Why? As a general rule, a prayer's non goal-directed strength of holiness or quality is proportional to the degree of qualitative compassion and love it conveys, not a goal or agenda it conveys.

A non goal-directed prayer effect takes more spiritual work to produce than a goal-directed prayer effect. Therefore, a non goal-directed effect is a more rare effect on planet Earth.

After volunteers prayed for a series of tests, some of them may accept the work to do. Some people might be so startled by their God given gift that they walk away from it. Other people might reject their talents because it's too much work and responsibility. Jesus Christ's words may apply: “For the called are many and the chosen are few.” (Matthew 22:14, Aramaic Bible in Plain English.) Or try this translation: "For many are invited, but few are chosen." (New International Version.) 

The Spindrift staff sometimes asked volunteers to share what they were thinking and praying during an experiment. Examples of the verbal responses by volunteers can be read at the bottom of the Experiments page here.

How did Spindrift define negative direction, evil, and resistance for the experiments?

These definitions give something to measure: Good creates structure. Evil creates anti-structure. Good displays order. Evil displays disorder. 

Resistance, evil, disorder, and stress equated to the amount of distance or deviation away from the normal functioning of an organism. Prayers that heal should reduce the distance of resistance from normal functioning. A prayer that mends a deviation imprints an ordered-pattern that improves an organism.

Instead of addressing big psychic claims for prayer, Spindrift addressed smaller psychic claims for prayer. Subsets of resistance and evil that amounted to disorder were checked for movement toward order and structure in the object prayed-for. Resistance, the r factor, was included in the Klingbeils' equations. See the equations here.

In a broader context, what is evil? Evil is "a disturbance in the Force," a dis-ordering-effect. A dis-ordering-effect tries to deviate, disrupt, or destroy whatever structure is in its path. (John 10:10.) Evil has no principle or cause of its own. Evil leeches off of other causes. Evil is "A rebel without a cause." Jesus said, "The devil...is a liar, and the father of it." (John 8:44, KJV.) "When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources." (John 8:44, NKJV.) "Listen, I have learned one thing: The one true God made human beings good, but they have invented all kinds of ways to be bad." (Ecclesiastes 7:29, The LEB Lexham English Bible.)

With the ominous media reports about the evil, disorder, terror, and high-tech spying in the sensory world we live in, perhaps a Matrix-like world, it's a challenge to convince ourselves of the truth that darkness does not creep into light. Light always creeps into darkness. Shadows can not exist without sunshine. Sunshine can exist without making shadows, but reality finds that a challenge to understand.

The Devil's motto is: "Happy is he who escapes me." The same motto applies to the Matrix.

Apparently no person is able to breakout of the Matrix entirely, but the spirituality and holiness focused by prayer punctures the Matrix with pinholes of divine light. Evil blights world progress, but the earth's inhabitants manage to muster their indomitable spirits to stand up for more light, freedom, and order.

What is meant by the word "order"?  

Order refers to the arrangement of the components so an organism can best fulfill its intended purpose. Without some evidence of order being manifested, there is no evidence of holiness.

What is meant by the word "holy"?   

The word holy means the amount of the Christ-Quality in human consciousness and prayer. Holiness is this Quality reverberating in one's thought.

Christ is the divine dial tone we are sometimes able to hear in our individual human consciousness.

What purported action does holy prayer do?  

Holy action brings order. Holy action promotes order-mending, fine-tuning, forgiveness of sin, and correction of errors.

Holiness in action tunes up human consciousness to a higher level of self-identity and order. If you listen to the holy action in you, it's the little voice that cultivates your highest self. You are hearing a small bit of the Christ dial tone in your human consciousness.

Holy action means Quality action. Holy action brings you into an alignment with the qualities of holiness that are your best characteristics of your true identity. Your true identity refers to your prime identity.

• Holiness is not caught like a contagion. Holiness isn't infectious. Holiness is nurtured and practiced. Holiness in someone tries hard to forgive and be grateful.

• Unholiness is caught like a contagion. Unholiness is infectious. Unholiness can be mesmeric. Unholiness in someone tries hard to not forgive and be an ingrate.

"It's Hard to be Humble" and holy.

Holiness is developed, nurtured, and cultivated within an individual's consciousness. Holiness aligns a person with his or her divine self.

Holiness refers to the Quality ingredients that resonate within a person's individual consciousness. Let's call it holy frequencies of Truth, Life, Love, and Christ that Quality tunes within a person. After some tuning or alignment with the holy frequencies, a person can proceed to resonate his tuned signals to the external world. Signals tuned to holiness are in-the-cue to transmit order and Quality to the external world. For example, sometimes holiness and Quality are imputed to another person through persistent prayer. Sometimes a willingness to make an effort to love and forgive can make a dent in a strained situation.

A holy alignment within yourself has an analogy to musical tuning. Man is the piano string. God is the piano tuner. Divine Truth, the Piano Tuner, tunes individual human consciousness to the correct resonances of Truth. Sometimes a person who receives and hears the tones of Truth, Life, and Love is corrected or healed by them. By this analogy, when our attention, prayers, and forgiveness are focused on another person, we are sending out healing tones.

Explain qualitative thoughts?

The power of God is in His spiritual qualities. 

Qualitative thoughts carry qualities. Qualitative thoughts exhibit loving qualities of thought.

Qualitative thoughts are spiritual mending qualities such as compassion, empathy, love, support, holiness, forgiveness, perspective, kindness, balance, and harmony. From the NET Bible: "Whatever is true, whatever is worthy of respect, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if something is excellent or praiseworthy, think about these things." (Philippians 4:8.) These are qualities of the Christ. These qualities are the lyrics of Spirit.

The qualitative thoughts mentioned above that build our character also guide our prayers to promote order and Quality. We learn that the development of character qualities is an inside job. What qualities we have inside us become what effects we see outside. Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:21.)

In contrast, non quality thoughts are will-power thoughts that promote their own goals and agendas of what should happen as order. Non quality thoughts often hinder the appropriate order that is the best fit of order for the circumstances. Non quality thoughts might imprint dis-order in the name of order.

Spindrift contrasted the effects derived from non quality thoughts with the effects from Quality thoughts.

Extreme non quality thoughts can become the dagger ingredients of negative prayers. Negative and terrorist prayers are analyzed by Question 10 and Question 11 on the FAQ page.

Quality and Christ-like thoughts have one idea of how to promote order. Non quality thoughts and our will-power have another idea of how to promote order. There is a tension between the proper order and the forced order that man often manifests. These two actions of Quality thoughts and non quality thoughts illustrate how thoughts and prayers may collide and work against each other.

Joni Mitchell's song, Big Yellow taxi, may inform us about Quality and non quality thoughts. Joni got the idea when a forest next to her residence was torn down and was turned into a parking lot. A line in the song is "'They paved paradise and put-up a parking lot.” Paradise represents Quality. A parking lot represents non quality.

What if people of prayer could provide evidence that sometimes ordering-energy is radiated by the Quality element in prayer? Future scientists should find if the evidence of the patterns of order and Quality coming from qualitative thoughts standsout enough in the data to show the worth of qualitative thought as a healing-mechanism.

What term describes the effects produced by qualitative thoughts? Ordering-effects. Qualitative thoughts produce ordering-effects. Bruce and John Klingbeil introduced the concept that holy qualitative thoughts produce distinctive patterns of energy they called ordering-effects. An ordering-characteristic of prayer sometimes imprints subtle evidence of its ordering-patterns through ordering-effects.

Explain ordering-effects?  

Ordering-effects harmonize, or heal, or bring about order. Ordering-effects are mending-effects that promote order and structure. How does this ordering and structure happen? Ordering-effects reference the norms of an identity and align with patterns of order that define what is normal or closest to normal or what is best or nearest to best for a person, plant, or situation receiving prayer.

In healing, ordering-effects close the gap of deviation away from normal functioning. That is, mending-effects move a system back toward the norms and patterns that define normal. Under some contexts, ordering-effects imprint healing-patterns that could be measured by the scientific method.

With creativity, we observe that Qualitative thoughts produce ordering-effects when someone advances on a musical instrument, becomes a better communicator, learns to be more compassionate, improves a product, or develops any number of talents. In art, dance, and music ordering-effects imprint layers of improvement that occasion more beauty, harmony, and depth to what is there.

Quality begets quality. Qualitative thoughts beget quality effects as quality ordering-effects. That means that quality begets improvement for our talents and hopes, which is order appearing. The more harmony or resolution, the more ordering-effects are appearing.

How do qualitative thoughts hydrate the mind?   

Qualitative thoughts in prayer hydrate the human mind with order, virtue, and structure. Holy prayer aligns things with order. Holiness recognizes the true identity of who you are. Quality and Christ improve you with degrees of excellence. Qualitative thoughts carry these wonders.

People active in dance, music, art, invention, and athletics often feel moments of inspiration. They sometimes call the inspirational feeling "being in-the-zone." Sometimes people recognize these windows of excellence as being guided by Quality thoughts that hydrate the mind.

Qualitative thought positively affects the prayer realm when one cultivates Quality within individual human consciousness. To cultivate thoughts in your individual human consciousness, "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly." (Colossians 3:16, KJV.) The Holy Spirit pushes more Life, Truth, and Love to be cultivated in us. When we cultivate qualitative thoughts, we contribute to a normative direction that elicits order that brings out healing, harmony, refining, and sometimes new possibilities.

An example of qualitative thought bringing ordering-effects to healing is the following: An organism is deviated from its norms. After prayer, the organism begins to align with its inherent order and returns to its norms.

In contrast, negative prayer and hate prayer cast dis-ordering-effects on an organism. Dis-ordering-effects deviate an organism away from its norms.

God bless us all. We can use a blessing.

Christian Science emphasizes that a prayer can be a blessing or a curse depending on the motive driving the prayer. It was natural for Bruce and John, as Christian Science practitioners, to be alert to positive blessings and negative curses from prayers. The dichotomy in the effects became part of Spindrift's work. It's like Star Wars. The Force has a light side and it has a dark side: Prayer can be used for good or it can be used for evil. It depends on the motive that drives a prayer. The difference in motive to become aware of is, if a prayer has a holy ingredient in it or if it has a human mind-motive ingredient in it.  

Jesus advised us to watch out and be alert to the sleepiness and denial that would interfere with positive prayers that should pinprick the negative resistance to progress. Jesus said, "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation." (Matthew 26:41 and Luke 21:36, KJV.) He is saying to watch out for the harsh realities around us. Be alert, guard and defend your prayers and yourself from dis-ordering-effects that hinder and destroy human progress.

Sometimes, while positive prayers are taking place, both intentional and unintentional negative prayers might push dis-ordering-effects in the path of constructive ordering-effects. Negative interference is one decent reason to pray in secret. (Matthew 6:6.)

This approach to guard prayers from the harsh realities of dark consciousness is to be secretive in thought before you launch your prayers. See the FAQ page, Question 7, part 3, about "Praying in secret."

John Klingbeil's science fiction novel, Richard Garrett, is about the Dark Web and dark consciousness.

When the positive nature of ordering-effects are shown to be measurable in the laboratory, these effects should add wieght to the argument that Quality in prayer is a real phenomenon and a blessing that hydrates the mind with order and structure. Examples of healing-patterns formed from ordering-effects should suggest that man and woman can cultivate and develop healing-actions in themselves. People have the potential to produce patterns of order and improvement when their Quality intentions of love and empathy are practiced like other talents are practiced. This verse is about the gift of Quality. "Every good and perfect gift is from above." (James 1:17, NIV.) We learn that we are continually given new chances to do better. (For more insight about how the word Quality is applied to prayer and talent, on the FAQ page, see Question 4 and Question 6.)

Q: What is the relationship between quality and quantity?

A: Religion deals with quality. Science deals with quantity.   

Apparently, there is a relationship between quality and quantity this way:

Quality reveals patterns of order. And quantity measures patterns of order.

Consider these humorous definitions of Quality and quantity. Quality is about "The Sermon on the Mount." Quantity is about "The Sermon on the Amount." "Quantity has a quality all of its own."

Bruce Klingbeil said:

Natural science has no conceptual system in place to deal with a force that operates in qualitative terms....

Our experience is more than quantity; it's quality, too.... The conventional sciences deal entirely with quantity [measuring things]. The essence of science is to quantify relationships and then express them mathematically. Yet the bulk of our experience is with the quality of our perceptions.

We think that the heart of our findings has been the discovery of a relationship between quality and quantity. If this relationship turns out to be true, it will be something that unifies our experience.... Coherence, religion, spirituality, art, and music give our human experience quality.

Bruce and John said several variations of the following sentence. "Science is looking for patterns of order in the universe. So does qualitative research look for patterns of order."

There is also the belief and intention that a larger quantity of money, armies, and prayers have a stronger effect than fewer numbers. Power grabbing is based on quantity. Attuning to truth and healing situations is based on Quality.

Is it easy for Quantity and Noise to overwhelm Quality in our culture?

Yes. The noises around us and quantity understood as 'more and more stuff' create a spiritual and Quality blockade in our culture. Spindrift hopes that the modest examples of fine-tuning done by the Quality of our thoughts will provide some balance to the quantity intentions that the mob mentality often promotes in American culture and other cultures. To not get too entangled in the fog of the 'quantity-mentality of the mob' is a key to spiritual development.

Johann Sebastian Bach touched on Quality in music when he stated: "The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.”

There is some appealing secular music today. But for the sake of comparison: Compare spiritual music and art of the Renaissance with some examples of Twenty-first Century music and art that embolden the non-quality traits of man.

On the FAQ page, part 3 of Question 7 has an approach to not being overwhlemed by quantities of world intentions that interfere with our holier intentions. See "Praying in secret for the undefended thought."

What is the Ordering-Force?  

Spindrift calls the lawful consciousness that increases order in the universe the "Ordering-Force." This Ordering-Force is the universal ordering-power. The term the Universal Ordering-Force could potentially become an acceptable term for the scientifically minded and the agnostic to describe a universal God.

The Ordering-Force births ordering-effects. The Ordering-Force brings order and Quality to evolution, invention, athletics, dance, music, painting, and healing. Ordering-effects align with the patterns of evolution that describe the norms of a person, place, or thing. We learn, grow, and improve our talents with the emergence of more ordering-effects.

Divine consciousness or Mind is a reservoir of qualitative information about inherent definitions of identity and purpose. This qualitative information can be embraced by human consciousness as ordering-effects. Ordering-effects can manifest as artful effects and healing-effects. Holiness in prayer brings about order-mending-effects.

A healing is understood to be the return to the patterns of normative order that approach normalcy.

As far as is known, the Klingbeils were the first to introduce the terms the Universal Ordering-Force and ordering-effects. The premise of these terms is that spirituality operates in the following fashion.

  • Perhaps the English poet Alexander Pope was correct. "Order is heaven's first law." Order is created, structured, and finessed by Mind, the Ordering-Force.
  • The order occasioned by the Ordering-Force is not the order made by man and mind over matter. The divine order is drawn from the rivers of Mind that man can reflect but can't control the effects.
  • What is energy in a Spindrift context? The word energy is qualitative spiritual information. Energy as information promotes the patterns of order that are recognized to be the patterns of order and norms for any identity from a molecule to man. Such energy is not matter as energy. This energy is spiritual information about patterns of purpose and identity. This ordering-energy of spirituality acts through human consciousness to produce more order and quality in one's life and in healing.
  • Underlying this spiritual energy is an information base rooted in nonlocal consciousness that is aware of the norms and needs that will bring appropriate ordering-effects to a situation.
  • This qualitative spiritual energy from a nonlocal information base promotes patterns of order and Quality, contributes to the process of evolution, and the increase of order in healing. The qualitative nature of the effects were arrived at from evaluating the patterns of order formed from test results.
  • For science, a concept of God as the cause of ordering-energy could be the Universal Ordering-Force wherein intellectuals on the fence could give a nod to the sacred inherent order of things.
  • For religion, prayer is the delivery system for bringing the Kingdom and order of Heaven to Earth.
  • I heard a man call God the Manufacturer. Manufacturer sounds like some recognition that there is an Ordering-Force.

When you look in, you'd better look out!  Look out for an opposing defense mechanism concealed in your mind.  

The Spindrift research includes a new theory that extends the influence of the Defense Mechanisms that reside in our subconscious minds. Defense Mechanisms can be a friend or a foe. They can be a friend that warns us of brewing trouble. They can be a foe that opposes us from finding out who we really are.

Spindrift found out that Defense Mechanisms were helpful in explaining why human beings are thwarted from perceiving much about the spiritual and psychic activities going on around them. There is subconscious opposition for human beings to understand the paranormal.

When human beings experience a psychic activity near them, their perception of it is often blurred. Spindrift observed that this blurring effect of a psychic activity is a clandestine phenomenon produced by the subconscious mind.

Defense Mechanisms push us to keep our peripheral and fringe psychic and spiritual experiences incomprehensible to us. The modus operandi of Defense Mechanisms is to blur or make psychic memories disappear before our eyes. We might be self-deceived about what it is we think we witness about experiencing psychic and spiritual phenomena. Our defenses often make us feel all alone or look like fools, for we can't provide evidence of what happened to us. Evidence evaporated.

Spindrift terms Defense Mechanisms DMs for short.

The Klingbeils proposed that researchers should understand more about this annulling phenomenon produced by DMs. Understanding our subterranean defenses should go a long way to explain and underscore why psychic and spiritual phenomena elude verification by science.

See the FAQ page, Question 3, and Theory 9 on the Theory page for more explanations about the interception of our psychic perception moments by the Defense Mechanisms of the subconscious mind.

What does Bruce Klingbeil give as a reason why spiritual power doesn't cut through materiality as it used to in the past?

Here is what Bruce gave as a reason: The whole zeitgeist of society has switched from a religious paradigm to a scientific paradigm.

Bruce was pro-science. Science is good, but there are unintended consequences of science changing everything in society.

What Bruce meant is that religion is out of the picture. Man has developed his ego and capabilities to create almost anything. There is some truth to it. Now man thinks he is a creator and doesn't need any metaphysical and religious concepts of God as creator beyond man himself. For example, creations by 3-D printers, robots, and realities created by virtual realities. As a result of this shift in emphasis from religion to science, there is an increase in comfort, materiality, confusion, and atheism. The infinite nature of scientific discoveries have gradually replaced God, spiritual teachings, and moral distinctions.

Religion, spirituality, and moral distinctions face being diminished and extinguished. Bruce and John said something like: "You can't expect Christianity to be relevant to people without making Christianity relevant to the scientific age."

With exceptions, in our Twenty-first Century, there is a lack of moral distinctions that were previously provided by religion, parents, and friends in peer-groups. Also, partly because of the social media, there is little feeling-for, intuition of, or grasp of a divine Principle operating in human consciousness. What do Principle and Christ offer people of Earth? A moral compass to reference when there is confusion. Our century has few symbols and institutions that reverberate for us the fundamental truths of being.

Is there any corroboration for the research of prayer conducted through human consciousness?

Yes. Host of the ABC Television Network's Nighline,Ted Koppel, had a program on paranormal phenomena. Ted Koppel in his remarks on the United States Government's research of psychic phenomena gives some perspective on how there is some potential for a human consciousness to be studied by measuring the effects of prayer on healing. Koppel said:

"...imagine how someone a hundred years ago would have reacted to a description of many of the things we take for granted today. Think of telling someone in the 1890's about a flying cylinder that would routinely transport several hundred people at a time...from coast to coast. Explain the storage of a small library's worth of information on a silicone chip smaller than your fingernail.

We live in an age of once-unimaginable miracles, so it would take equal measures of courage and hubris to dismiss as impossible the notion that some people may have certain psychic powers. This may reassure you, it may alarm you, but in fact, for some years now, the U.S. intelligence community has wagered a modest amount of money on the possibility that such powers do exist." (From the transcript of the ABC television show Nightline with Ted Koppel of November 28, 1995.)

If psychic power can be researched, it doesn't take too much of a leap of faith to also research prayer. Prayer is a high-form of psychic power that is practiced daily in virtually all regions of the world. Despite the world becoming more secular and atheistic, hundreds of millions of people pray daily.

In a 1986 interview, Bruce Klingbeil was asked, "Where does this activity of prayer research lead next?"

Bruce replied:

"It leads into four areas.

One is the evaluation of spiritual healers and the educational and developmental systems that produce them.

Another is into pure research.

Yet another is into the evaluation of religious and philosophical questions in the light of those experimental tests which can be devised for the purpose.

And yet another is into the application of spiritual healing to collective as well as individual human and environmental needs."

About the importance of Spiritual Science doing prayer research, John said:

I feel something of an obligation to my peers of the future and perhaps the present. The world's view of a person's holiness and healing power is a flawed lens.... When the world values healers, there will be a place for anyone who can heal, regardless of people's beliefs or prejudices. A life of quiet spirituality should not be denied anyone who seeks it.... I believe the truths illustrated by the tests will get people both to think about holiness and to understand its relationship to their well-being. [Holiness means the amount of Quality in one's thought.]

The Spindrift founders were discovering the Northwest Passage sort to speak. They were walking a path toward understanding some of the spiritual laws operating in human consciousness. What is the purpose of laws that attract order, holiness, and quality? It's hoped that scientists and society would grasp spiritual laws enough to notice that they sometimes bring patterns of order to mankind and are not a fiction.

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