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Spindrift says a healer affirms inborn identity.

What does inborn IDENTITY mean? 

Your inborn spiritual identity is not the ape man identity that describes man as an animal. Spiritual identity is an inner order of man that is not defined by the physical depictions of man. Without inner identity having its original order in Spirit, man is only an animal. 

Healers, such as Christian Science practitioners, teach that your inborn identity is not the material organism. Your inborn identity is your divine identity. Your divine identity has an individual innate Soulfulness of life and purpose.

Spiritual healing is the result of being who you really are. Healing is learning more about the connections to your original self. When you recognize your divine image is in a divine mirror, the acknowledgement of your divine image reflected in the mirror starts the process of healing.

Love references the inborn identity behind people and organisms.

A healing practitioner tries to bring to the forefront true innate, original, inborn identity. How? A healing practitioner works to put spiritual laws into motion that govern material laws. A healer should know his inborn identity first to affirm a spiritual law of identity into motion.

Jesus Christ had dominance over the laws of matter because he was the very "image of The Unseen God." Jesus knew who is was as the true "image" of God, so he could see the true image in other people. (Colossians, 1:15, Aramaic Bible in Plain English.) For the rest of us, our true inner order image is described in 1st. John, chapter 3, verses 1 - 3.

Man's inborn identity is an immediate image and likeness of God. Spiritual man is a holigraphic image of God (pun is intended).

A spiritual healer affirms the inborn ideal blueprint of an identity that shapes an organism. The core inborn identity supports the true worth of an organism.

By a healer adhering to his own inborn identity, the identity of the organism being affirmed by prayer begins to manifest a clearer picture of Love, purpose, true worth, and order. Prayer that upholds true identity sustains the ideal blueprint of the inborn identity and puts in motion an organism to resonate more of its truer identity.

Gratitude in prayer might be thankfulness for what is true about the identity of a person, plant, place, or thing. We have gratitude for true identity. So what is identity? 

An identity is the archetype view of an organism. The identity controls the identity field defining an organism. An identity is the inward form.

An organism is the outward form. An organism is the material view of itself.

An identity embraces its truth about its definition. Organisms manifest innate identity imperfectly but can do better. For example, to affirm the truth behind the innate identity of organisms helps to occasion more awareness within the organisms to their true worth and purpose.

Goal-directed prayer often connects with the material organism, not the identity field.

Non goal-directed prayer always connects with the identity field of an organism.

A man's or woman's native identity is not an Adam or Eve, but an image and likeness.

True worth in healing should be a correction that improves the alignment of an organism with the identity field that surrounds the organism.

A name gives recognition to the organism being given attention by thought and prayer. When they hear their names called, people, pets, livestock, and even plants pick up the sound. They know that they are being recognized from the randomness around them. To call out the name of the organism is an affirmation of the existence and identity of the organism. We all know, to say “hello” isn’t as strong as to say “hello Sue.” Saying a name identifies and strengthens the Associational Linkage between you and the identity and the organism. The definition of Associational Linkage is found in Question 5 of the FAQ page.

What is an identity prayer?

Identity prayer is the same as non goal-directed prayer. Identity prayer means it's identity-referenced prayer. Identity prayer is IR for short. It affirms the intended purpose, worth, and norms of the identity prayed-for. Non goal-directed prayer also references the norms of identity and order.

Identity prayer references who you are as a creative and divine identity, not a material organism. It connects with what is potentially true about you. The potential supports the blueprint identity for an organism.

Your blueprint identity is your spiritual DNA. Spiritual DNA is the image and likeness to Spirit known as the spiritual identity of a man, woman, child, place, plant, or situation. Non goal-directed prayer is identity prayer that acknowledges and affirms spiritual DNA. Identity prayer asks, “What is the basic divine truth about an identity?” Spiritual DNA is usually the hidden or obscured divine truth about an identity that needs to be affirmed to emerge through a troubled situation.

[In regard to prayer that recognizes the inborn identity it affirms, Spindrift wondered how prayer would narrow in on the identity of a genetically altered organism. In preliminary tests of genetically altered organisms, it appears prayer doesn't know and adjust to an unknown identity effectively. Prayer that seeks inborn identity is looking for the divine traces of order and goodness in most things, all God's creatures. Like astronauts and insects that make adjustments to zero gravity in space, identity prayer should eventually adjust and find what is in the best interest of the true worth and Soul of a shifted and altered organism. (An experiment in A Journey into Prayer, pages 257 - 259.)]

To summarize identity-referenced prayer:

Identity prayer references and affirms the inborn norms of inner order, which are the identity fields that define a person, plant, invention, or situation.

Non goal-directed prayer is identity prayer. Such goal-free prayer tends to promote unseen infrastructures of love, order, and purpose that reinforce the true identity that maintain an organism.

Non goal-directed prayer avoids many human goals and plans. It brings forth what is normative and the best purpose about an identity for the circumstances.

Overall, prayer is a way for divine information to reach the human mind. When goals are introduced in prayer, they usually address a material organism, not the inherent order of an organism.

Summarized another way: 

A goal-directed prayer tends to promote visualized material structures of an organism.

A non goal-directed prayer addresses the identity that underlies and defines an organism.
It's often said that unconditional Love is unattached Love. To be truly free and giving, Love as unconditional Love, should be detached from a human being as a material organism.

Unconditional Love is attached to the true identity of a person or organism. The power of Love is attached to the underlying identity because Love supports the archetype purpose and inner order of an identity. Love is inborn identity referenced.

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