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Question 11: Question 10 and this question 11 below are about national security.

Spindrift was a harbinger of dark prayers that become dangerous religious turbulences for humanity. Spindrift warned people about negative and evil prayers that were emitted from religious people before others took notice. The Spindrift experiments revealed that it was easier to pray a negative prayer at someone than a proper positive prayer.

There are many religions that transmit negative prayers. To deny that Islam has shown the most negative prayers, few would argue. When the Islamists flew two airplanes into two New York buildings, they were trying to get all Americans angry at Islam. Why? So the peaceful Muslims would be forced to be radicalized. Let us be clear about who is evil. It's the bad guys who practice Islam through their dark prayers that are the enemies, not the peaceful Muslims.

What could go wrong with prayers sometimes?

Positive prayers are one side of the coin of prayer. On the other side of the coin are found the dark negative prayers

Prayers can go wrong unintentionally.

Prayers can also go wrong intentionally. When prayers intentionally send curses, these prayers are expressing dark consciousness.

Inquirers to Spindrift mostly wanted to hear about positive prayers that promoted positive healing-effects. Spindrift had examples of positive prayers.

Spindrift also had examples of negative prayers.

Dark malpractice prayers

The research of prayer is incomplete without considering the shadow side to prayer. The shadow side are the dark thoughts (and sometimes unwise thoughts) that feed negative prayers. Some people's dark malpractice prayers could actually do damage.

Negative prayers are sometimes poisonous. Poison prayers are called toxic prayers.

The worst negative prayers are probably hate prayers. Hate prayers contain psychic poison. Hate prayers launch psychic attacks on hated targeted people.

Unfortunately, it appears easier to lob a poison prayer at someone than to lob a loving prayer at someone. Knowingly or unknowingly, some people who prayed for the Spindrift experiments were capable of damaging the organisms in the Spindrift lab.

Negative and poisonous prayers are sometimes our dark passengers. Poison ingredients of thought to watch out for include our will-power outputting non quality thoughts from an ego that believes "I am always right and the hell with everyone else." The human ego that believes it is right no matter what relates to what Mrs. Eddy writes. "Extremists in every age either doggedly deny or frantically affirm what is what." (Miscellaneous Writings, page 374.)

Negative prayers show us there is planned evil in the shadow corners of some religions. Negative prayers are said by some Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Prayer is used as a medium for evil. Evil wants to bring harm, death, and destruction to human existence. (John 10:10.)

Cyber warfare visualizes a tunnel through the Internet to attack specific targets. Similarly, poison prayer visualizes a paranormal Pearl Harbor to attack targets. Poison prayers tunnel through the darkness of dark consciousness to kill and perform their dastardly deeds. Toxic Islamic prayer is the most important prayer and polluted consciousness issue in the world.

Prayer as evil

If skeptics don't think that negative prayer is a force to contend with, they should look at how extremists are passionately driven by their prayers. We live in troubling times when millions of members of a worldwide religion pray to murder and destroy in the name of God.

Islam is about 1435 years old. The Ten Commandments are about 3500 years old. The Third Commandment says "'Thou shall not take God's name in vain.” It means to not use the name of God to be cruel or sadistic. Millions of Muslims are breaking the Third Commandment.

   > Will radical Islam ever give up on genocide? No.

   > Does Islamic terrorism begin with prayers of terror? Yes.

   > Do we support peace-loving Muslims? Yes.

Can moderate Muslims tame extremist Muslims? Humanity has slim hopes. Moderate Muslims have been beheaded or thrown into prison for trying to moderate the extremists. Though put in danger, moderates should try ways to tone down the extremism going on for Allah's sake. Good Muslims have the humongous task of countering the tyranny of their Islamic brethren. The world hopes that Muslim moderates, such as the Sufis, can bring reformation to Islam.

Toward the end of a meeting at the White House, President Dwight Eisenhower said to an aide, "Damn! We forgot to start by saying a silent prayer."

The opposite of silent prayer is amplified prayer. Muslims listen to outdoor amplified prayers. The amplified calls to prayer from mosques may sound beautiful to Muslims. These ear-shattering sounds from minarets five times a day would cause many non-Muslims to get headaches and lose their peace of mind. What would happen if American churches broadcast calls to prayer in each town? Unhealthy noise pollution, mind control, and involuntary exertion of religion on the whole population.

Spindrift wondered about how funding was done for the larger mosques. Many years later, it was reported that Saudi Arabia sent money to the United States to help build mosques.

In the United States of America, from the total number of mosques, almost 80% have been built since 9/11.

Spindrift sought volunteers from various religions to be tested. When looking into members of a mosque as possible volunteers to pray for the tests, their preparations and procedures for praying were so different than what Spindrift had experienced that it did bias Spindrift.

Bill Sweet and John Klingbeil discussed being biased by the daily prayers that were prayed on the soil of the United States and directed to a mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Bill Sweet: "How is it that we missed asking Muslims to be tested?"

John Klingbeil: "You and I have discussed that the disciples of Muhammad get up, get down, prostrate, and face east, all in a synchronized dance of prayer. We let that cultural difference instill in us a preconceived notion that this dance performed five times daily was a ritual of prayer and not distant prayer. We don't know that without testing it. We should test Muslims and not be blinded by what we see them do in lockstep prayer."

Bill Sweet: "Even if it freaks us out?"

John Klingbeil: "Yes. We are really not doing thorough science if we exclude certain traditions. There are individual Muslims who are spiritually minded, of course. There are holy-minded people in many different groups around the world. We have to be open to their offerings of prayer even though they are odd to us. Christian Scientists are odd to a lot of people even in New England where Christian Science originated."

It didn't help that Spindrift got copies of some Islamic prayers translated into English that were frightening; that were fear-provoking prayers. These translated prayers made promises to kill infidels.

The strong emotion and confusion about discussing someone's religion and prayers includes that someone may practice his religion one way, and then there may be the dichotomy of how another interpretation of the religion is practiced.


Some people told Spindrift that "Negative prayer is a myth." There was no such thing as negative prayer as malpractice prayer. Prayer is only good. The mention that prayer could be evil was often denied or stopped in conversation. The Spindrift team wondered why these people were in denial and could not accept that evil existed in some prayers and religions? Perhaps a reason to deny that dark prayers exist could be that evil is scary to talk about and makes us uncomfortable and depressed, so we avoid the topic. Another reason could be that deep down we may think that prayer power and psychic power are untamed forces, and it's more comfortable to discuss positive prayers than negative prayers. Negative prayer is the uncomfortable theme throughout Dr. Larry Dossey's book, Be Careful What You Pray For. The original title, Toxic Prayer, was rejected by the publisher.

Some inquirers into Spindrift were offended by negative prayers and didnt want to be shown examples of evil prayers from some religions. Some of these people criticized Spindrift for "condemning whole religions" by bringing up such an "unnecessary and divisive topic as toxic prayers. Spindrift wasn't speaking of "whole religions." Spindrift did provide examples of poison prayers from people who practiced these religions.

Negative prayer is uncomfortable to consider. For example, take abortion. There is a blank hesitation when someone is asked about Christians who pray to harm people who work for abortion clinics. Or prayer requests for God to do something bad or traumatic to politicians who are disliked for their positions. Christians have petitioned God to take specific politicians out of office rather than praying that "God's will be done."

Here are more examples of negative prayers. 

Some Christians act like they are the Taliban when they call for prayers to eliminate all symbols in the nation's capital that aren't symbols about Jesus Christ. Then there are some Clergymen and Rabbis who pray for their flocks, but they are secretly scam artists who prey on their flocks by stealing their money. Former President Jimmy Carter, a Sunday School teacher, has been quoted that he prays that Democrats win and Republicans lose. There are a few television preachers who pray that any political system or army should be wiped out if they oppose the United States. After saying prayers, a percentage of Catholic priests have used their status of office to molest boys and girls despite Jesus saying to harm a child is close to the worst sin of sins. (Matthew 18:6.) During the 1991 Gulf War, a small group of Rabbis faced Iraq and prayed toxic prayers toward Saddam Hussein's mother and mistress.

In Spindrift's case, it has been called Sindrift. Some Christians and even prayer groups have prayed against Spindrift that the tests not work and that the Spindrifters be delivered from Satan by being stopped from their misguidance and sins about prayer.

Words have meaning. Words determine our experiences. Pre-9/11, Spindrift warned people about the words in the negative prayers from some religions. Spindrift advised more and more about malpractice prayers which included the terrorists' prayers that showed terrorists were out to get us all, not just people from Israel. Few people examined what Spindrift cautioned about the evil words transmitted by some prayers.

Then 9/11/2001 exploded on the United States. 9/11 was overtly driven by hateful words in prayers. 9/11 was religion at its worst. Islamists started a religious war against the USA. Many in the world would learn or choose to deny there is an evil version of Islam in Islam.

Evil in religion and evil in prayer flew those passenger airplanes into those buildings. So-called infidels were burned up by jihadist prayers that propelled their religious actions. Innocent people were nothing but dust to the terrorists.

For a while after 9/11, interest was shown in Spindrift concerning negative prayers that conveyed evil words and spells. Temporarily, people recognized that the extremist attacks on New York and Washington D. C. began with evil prayers to Allah asking Allah to kill people.

I f the repeated toxic words of some prayers has not drawn more attention, what has drawn attention? Terrorist attacks, harsh Sharia laws, and the assembled masses of Muslims prostrating and praying has gotten the attention of observers in America and Europe. 9/11 did wake up Western thinkers to learn more about the Prophet Muhammad and the mesmeric phenomenon of mass lockstep prayer by Muslims.

The terrorists have been viewed as junior varsity warriors rather than professional killers. It took until 2015 before the majority of the world realized that the Islamists are the new Nazis. Despite millions who insist Islam is a peaceful religion. When it comes to violence promoted by a religion, Islam is number one; has the gold medal.

What are reasons that the West should learn more about Islam?

1. Terrorism is the number one problem facing the world.

2. Follwers of Islam cause most of the world's terrorism.

3. The threat to the West is that pure Islam wants to conquer nonbelievers.

4. Islamists are a worldwide killer cult. Poeple are slow to criticize Islamists because they are a branch of a religion. In 1801, the first war fought by the United States was with Islamists. Few Americans know that the Barbary Wars were fought with Muslims who based their killing, stealing, and slavery on Islam.

5. Note the number of countries that pure Islam controls presently. Islam is a conspiracy to take over its host country.

6. The purpose of the Judeo-Christian Principle is to redeem America for "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness [virtue]." The word virtue is the original meaning meant by the inclusion of happiness. The purpose of Islam is not to redeem America but to prevail over America.

7. Islamists in Europe preach that the countries they are in are immoral countries. Each country needs Sharia Law. Does it ever occur to Islamists that the country they live in isn't their country and they don't assimilate? No. Assimilation isn't their agenda. Sharia Law including innumerable births is their agenda.

8. The Hebrew Old Testament violence is read as past history. The Holy Koran's violence is read as present history for now and future generations.

9. International trends suggest that the future generations of many countries will be subsumed into Islam.

On the subject of population, Russia is nearing ten percent with Islam presently the second largest Russian religion. France is on track to become forty percent Islam. Paris rhymes with terrorist. Britain fears some of its own citizens for their fanaticism and terrorism. Click here to hear about the population crisis in Belgium .

Click here for the math about the quantity of followers who have radical beliefs around the world.

In 2015, to escape war and killer Muslims, Europe is being overrun by a mass Muslim migration of refugees from the Middle East and Africa. Germany has agreed to absorb over a half million refuges. The agenda is to flood Europe and America with Muslims.

Birth trends, beheadings, bombings, and amassed prayers on the ground remind us of Game of Thrones, "Winter is coming." The war on terror has become the Game of Drones.

ISIS is a cult of killers. ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. An insulting name for ISIS is Daesh. A Muslim who says the name Daesh will be punished such as having his tongue cut out. In January 2015, ISIS began an advertising campaign to teach expectant mothers to raise their babies to become "terrorists for Islam." Promotion of "Death to non-believers" appears to be uniquely Muslim. ISIS bragged that a March 18, 2015 attack that killed 22 in Tunisia was a "blessed invasion of one of the dens of infidels." On June 26, 2015, ISIS killed 38 vacationers in Tunisia. On January 6, 2016, an ISIS soldier in Syria killed his mother because she asked her son to leave ISIS. Here is additional Internet evidence of the overthrow of the world's population from primary Islamic sources and evilly acting religion.

People who love freedom need to hear more about the moderate spiritually minded Muslims because we are only hearing about the bad followers.

It's unfortunate that good Muslim citizens who assimilate into society are being painted into the following non-assimilation picture.

In America, diversity has become almost synonymous with multi-culturalism. Islam has taken advantage of America's practice of these two words. America is for diversity, but a shorter version of the word multi-culturalism is multi-cult. Islam is giving the United States its multi-cult of its non assimilating culture, Sharia Law, and religion. Under Sharia Law and the Koran, Muslims are allowed to have four wives. The wives can have lots of children. Given enough time to wait, America could become an Islamic country from population growth alone.

T he terrorist's secret weapon is to get married and make their "jihadi brides" have babies. A bride named Shams, who is an M.D., wrote on her wedding day "Marriage in the land of jihad: 'Til Martyrdom Do Us Part.'" The specific question that citizens of the United States have to answer is this: "What number of deaths is acceptable to have for the number of refugees taken in from Muslim countries?"

The West needs help from the moderate and realistic Muslims in trying to decipher which motivation, good or evil, is being prayed by different Muslim groups around the world. News reports make us numb when we hear Imam rulers giving commands that on Friday, the Islam Sabbath day, prayers be followed by protests or violence.

Here is a group of moderate to extremist Muslims who are trying to cool off the tensions created by radical Islam. The radicals want to kill the reformers!

In 2013, Al-Qaida posted a list of critics wanted dead or alive. For the list, Al-Qaida rewrote "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" as "A bullet a day keeps the infidel away."

Atheism has progressed because of the "terrorists for Islam." Some Americans became atheists after the terrorists murdered for God on 9/11. 9/11 created new atheists who choose not to retain God in their overall knowledge. The atheists are correct that a part of Islam is comprised of only psychopaths. Ironically, Islam has created infidels and atheists.

Islamic salat prayer is a particularly murky topic to talk about because there are essentially two types of motivations that drive Muslim prayers. One motivation is spiritual that blesses goodness, Allah, and mankind. The other motivation is a passionately physical motivation that works with Allah to get rid of anyone and anything perceived as an insult to Muhammad.

Could someone provide us an example of holiness and hypnotism mixed together producing a good effect? Has history shown us that holiness and hypnotism have worked well together? Not to the best of our knowledge.

The same hypnotic synchronized trance of prayer is used for both spiritually minded and militant minded Muslims. Both holy and militant Muslims kneel down and qibla focus their salat prayers at a black cubic mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The West finds that spooky. Americans pray for the ideals of America. The mixture of a mob on the floor in lockstep synchronized prayer with their holiness directed to an Arab country is anti-Western culture. To the West, the Islamic body language ground prayer position could be interpreted as a buttocks-greeting to the world.

There is another problem when speaking about the Islam religion. Except for some moderate Muslims, you can't talk about the extremism in Islam without offending Muslims. No matter what historical fact is stated, it offends them. Many Muslims are in denial that their religion is warped in some corners. They say, "It isn't true Islam and the Koran doing that."

When speaking about spiritually minded Muslims, one is not speaking about militant Muslims.

Spiritually minded Muslims respect humanity with their prayers. Militant minded Muslims have a physical motivation to act out their negative prayers. Human beings should become more aware that militant prayers can be a self-fueling fire. The prayers of Islamic terrorists morph from evil intentions into physical attacks on humanity.

When someone speaks about militant Muslims, he is speaking about the Borg in Star Trek. The Borg absorbs every race into its pseudo-race through threats of "Assimilate or die." Instead of assimilating into society, many Muslims want society to assimilate to them. Islamists are saying to the Twenty-first Century "Submit or die." Some Islamists own slaves.

Is every German a Nazi? No. Is every Muslim a militant? No. It's just that millions of Muslims are militants. A Nazi is to a German what an Islamic terrorist is to a Muslim. In sync with the Nazis, militant Islam is a fascist ideology. A combined word might be Islamicnazis.

Nazis and Islamists say, "Heed our unforgiving creed." There were almost nine million Nazis in Germany. There are over one hundred million Islamists who pray "Convert or be killed."

What is smaller than a cartoon? Not much. Yet Islamists have killed people for drawing cartoons of Muhammad including twelve killed in France on January 7, 2015. In laughable denial, the President of France said, "Those who have committed those acts have nothing to do with Islam." Mullah Krekar, a Norwegian Imam, said, "Those who draw caricatures of Mohammed must die.... Those who do not respect 30 percent of the Earth's population do not deserve to live."

Islamic terrorists are against watching television. Isn't their use of the Internet for digital jihad watching television? Yes. Many decide to become Internet Jihads. The terrorists are also against listening to music. Don't the terrorists allow music when the music is about fighting for your religion, about a soldier, or becoming souls of martyrs? Yes.

One of Adolf Hitler's first decisions was to shut down the cabaret comedians because the artists had the power of music, comedy, and satire to break the hypnotic trance of Nazism. Comedian Bill Maher said that Islam is the only religion with a Mafia that kills Muslims who criticize doctrines. If brave Bill Maher doesn't stop criticizing the Islam religion, he'll turn up as Bill "Martyr."

The following sounds humorous. After a 2014 attack on school children, a Muslim leader said that "This news story adds to the false impression that the Islam religion teaches violence."

One reason for fear of being critical of the religion is being Politically Correct or PC. When a terrorist attack occurs, our subtext is often PC thinking that diverts us to not dare blame "the usual suspects." Why not? Because Muslims tell the West that Islam is the "Religion of Peace." We should know better that fear has its place when fear alerts us to danger and deception. It's "the spirit of fear" that oppresses us, not the fear that protects us from harm.

Politically correct thinking might kill us before ISIS kills us. Little fuss was made over a video of a Muslim woman being beaten by men and women because her ankle was showing. In 2009, the Fort Hood shootings was labeled "work place violence." People on the military base were afraid to be branded as criticizing a religion for saying the attack was by a Muslim terrorist. Out of fear of a fatwa against the writers, the 2009 Sci Fi movie Knowing had a scene deleted from the script that had the holy Kaaba cube in Mecca destroyed. In Indonesia in 2012, Lady Gaga cancelled her concert because of threa ts to torch it. In 2013, the Miss World Contest in Bali cancelled the bikini portion that enraged Muslim protestors. In 2014, Muslim countries banned the movie Noah because the movie's story of Noah didn't agree with the Koran's story of Noah. That's what political correctness, no reciprocity, and tolerance of non assimilation invading Western culture have brought to civilization. Political correctness ignores that immigration without assimilation is invasion.

The new negative is, there is no crisis without ISIS. ISIS could be the trigger to encourage authorities to register that evil actions begin with the frightening words in the blood thirsty prayers and teachings.

So could negative prayers cause something positive? The global mass Muslim prayers and teachings followed by chaos might become the reason to research the damage done by prayer. Plus Sharia law has raised eyebrows as an instrument to defeat liberty. Furthermore, the world is frightened that the terrorists have opened a school to teach high-tech methods to avoid detection.

Sir Winston Churchill wrote "Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. ...the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome." Churchill added his own analogy. "Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog.... No stronger retrograde force exists in the world." (The River War, by Winston Churchill, 1899.)

Religion and politics are similar in how they set off explosive emotions. Religion, politics, and sexuality stir up our emotions and are sometimes avoided as conversations in social situations. When religion, sex, and politics are mixed together in the same vat as in Islam, expect crazed emotional reactions. Islamic ideology convinces its adherents to take action for religion and politics now with the promise of sex with virgins in heaven later.

What also becomes dangerous about religion is when the world's religious extremists insist that they speak for God, and then act on it. A radical Islamist said about killing Americans, "'We are ready to sacrifice ourselves in the Islamic way.” Al-Qaida's al-Shabaab leader said about his fighters, "They sacrificed their lives for God, and brought huge victory for Muslims."

Are these threats to murder people really from religion? Yes. Bad religion is a problem. You never hear about jihadist atheists putting on bomb vests to blowup people. It appears the Religion of Peace is also the Religion of Pieces, a piece here, a piece there.

Mary Baker Eddy advised about the dangers of evil thoughts and prayers. She wrote, "The methods of [evil], especially its secret work, should be exposed. This alone can protect the people from a future Reign of Terror far surpassing the error and terrorism of the Dark Ages." (Retrospection and Introspection, first edition.)

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