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What does Spindrift Mean by Quantum Prayer?

Prayer can be quantum because some prayers exhibit a quantum level of consciousness. 

The intention of a prayer determines its quantum effect.  The intention of a quantum prayer determines its decision to radiate particles or waves.  Particles and waves report to us what is the dominate intention that has determined a prayer's radiation pattern:

Particles:   When human beings decide on anything to do, the cement begins to dry on the decision.

Particles glom onto a selected decision and stay on that decision.  Particles in prayer agree to carry a goal decided upon to a destination to be achieved.  There are times when a specific decision on a goal has been made.  The other potential possibilities, which might be unanticipated good or better choices, are eliminated when a choice has been made.

Waves:   Sometimes the Divine Mind needs to have free sway without human beings making a decision.  A decision starts the cement drying to solidify a decision.  A decision could deflect and hinder what the Divine has in Mind to eventuate.

Waves flow freely.  Waves seek an answer without locking onto a decision as a goal to be achieved.  Waves assess cues from the ecosystem when seeking a resolution for a situation.

Particles tend to stick and stay within the box.  Particles attach to goals.

Waves tend to be free to move outside the box.  Waves detach from goals.

Particles are usually predictable about what is the chosen answer to a prayer. 

Wave prayers have an element of unpredictability that keeps fluid the answer that eventuates. 

Free billowing waves of prayer carry patterns of order which help to resolve a situation.

Particles and waves produce two divergent directions for effects to travel.  What causes the two divergent directions for the effects to travel?  The intention driving a prayer determines the direction of the effects. 

As a rule, wave prayer is more of a listening prayer than particle prayer.

Holy motives create the waves.  We humans don’t create waves.  We ride the waves.  When a human being tries to create waves, he ends up with particles instead.  Why?  Once our ego enters the scene to direct the waves, the waves collapse. 

Two directions of intent give researchers something to measure.

What intentions cause the two different directions of particles and waves?  One direction is caused by goal-directed prayers.   The other direction is caused by non goal-directed prayers.

The two divergent directions taken are explained by prayers that carry goals and prayers that don't carry goals.  These two directions are explained in Question 3.

The theory of two intentions provides a theory to explain the split of the divergent directions of prayers that carry goals and prayers that carry order.  The explanation is on the Spindrift Theory Page.

Speaking of quantum physics, what is the prayer spin on the observer effect?

The observer effect is about subtly affecting what you observe on a quantum level.  Prayer that has holiness takes the observer effect to a higher level.  The observer effect of prayer is a form of observing from God's perspective on a situation.  A spiritually aware person tries to approximate an observation of "Thy will be done" from which God's Mind observes a circumstance.

The observer conceives his whole reflection of man as a composite of man that lacks nothing essential in man's core spiritual identity.  On a quantum level, entangled thoughts of affirmative viewpoints promote the purpose, wholeness, and potential of an identity.

The Spindrift founders wondered if superposition (a quantum state where an observation by an observer has not so far been decided to affect an outcome) might be in the mix in what propels a divine billowing-healing-wave to keep flowing for a non goal-directed prayer.

An analogy for superposition might be for a person to walkup to a fork in the road with no decision which way to go.  No decision equals no lock on a goal.   As witty Yogi Berra said, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it."

With superposition, an outcome doesn't exist until a decision is made.  As in the analogy of a car driver pulled over by a police officer.  The officer asked, "Would you please open your trunk?"  The driver opens the trunk of his car.  There is cat looking up at them.  The officer said, "Sorry.  I thought you had something dead in there."  The driver said, "I did until you opened the trunk officer Schrodinger."

A fluid thought is counterintuitive to a material thought that decides on a plan of action.  If there is one epiphany Spindrift found out about prayer, it is by having no preconceived goals in your mind, holiness and creativity flow.  An outcome to a wave prayer may not be known, but the outcome has higher odds to be in alignment with Truth, Soulfulness, and proper order.

This quotation is from The Spindrift Files:

Goal-free prayer operates best when it is free to liberate, conceive, expect the unexpected.

Troops of comedians apply improvisation to birth new ideas.  As long as the word "yes" is the response to do some improvisation, the comedic energy flows from person to person.  An unreasonable request to improvise doesn't stop the flow.  The improvisation will keep flowing as long as the word "no" is never spoken.  This "yes" hints at how one can expand his creative attention to accept that sometimes the unreasonable can migrate over to the reasonable.... It's this openness to the impossible so that the impossible may happen.  (A Journey into Prayer, page 342.)

Mrs. Eddy may have intuited the tiny quantum realm.  She wrote "'I am seeing more and more that the infinite is also the infinitesimal."  (L & M 53-7447 and in Years of Authority, page 85.)

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