A prayer for the weather: "Dear God, please let there be Global Warming." -- Old Man Winter, North Dakota, 2013-2014

"The nice thing about meditation is that it makes doing nothing look quite respectable," said comic Paul Dean. On HBO, Bill Maher, host of "Real Time" often says that prayer does nothing. One argument used to prove that prayer does nothing is that there is so much disaster, war, and evil.

We hear about failures of prayer to heal evil, but do we hear about subsets of evil being healed? Can any subclass of prayer effects or psychic effects make sense to a modern world? Spindrift explored the prayer factor.

In 1969 near Chicago, Bruce and John Klingbeil began to test the positive, the negative, and biased effects of prayer.

What did the Klingbeils discover? From the premise that a loving prayer nudges disorder toward order, they isolated makers that showed the quality of the effects from two motives that drive prayer. Bruce and John also have a theory about why the subconscious mind hacks the memory to forget correct details about psychic experiences and spiritual healings.

The father and son founded Spindrift Inc. to support research and education in the fields of consciousness, prayer, spirituality, and the placebo effect. They communicated about prayer in scientific terms. They saw the scientific method as a path-finder for following the prayer forces. Bruce and John Klingbeil worked as Christian Science practitioners.

Before 9/11, Spindrift members urged people to take seriously the violent words in the prayers prayed by Muslim terrorists. In contrast to violence in prayers, Spindrift favored bringing positive prayers back into the schools.

Could prayer go the way of Betamax, Kodak and Polaroid film? Spindrift hopes not. Testing prayer was fringe science. Testing people as they prayed also caused a prayer-a-digm shift. Fringe science is not always practical, but Spindrift was an opportunity for religion and science to interact.

Bruce and John were optimistic that their prayer research would be met with openness. It became clear their optimism had been misplaced. In 1983 church leaders punished them by removing Bruce as a practitioner.

Bruce and John moved to Salem, Oregon, where living expenses were less. The research continued for ten years. The toll of being expelled from their church, the harassment from the spiritual and scientific communities, loss of income, and potential lawsuits tied to Spindrift led to dramatic choices.

People today have the IPad and the IPhone. Spindrift has the IPray. For a book about Spindrift, click below.

Spindrift Research
Bill Sweet writes in "A Journey Into Prayer" of the controversial laboratory prayer and consciousness experiments of Spindrift Research. Sweet illustrates the explosive nature of aligning science and religion. There is curiously original material in Bill Sweet's book. The left-brain gets a workout, but the right-brain enjoys reading the subtle spiritual insights about prayer and consciousness.

-- Deepak Chopra, M.D., Author, How to Know God

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