Welcome to Spindrift. In 1969, Bruce and John Klingbeil began to test a subclass of imprints from prayer that might make sense to scientists.

Bruce and John contrasted two imprints of prayer. One imprint that promotes a fitting response. Another imprint that promotes goals. They found that the love and quality in some prayers subtly nudge disorder toward order. They also supplied a new theory about why the subconscious mind edits some memories we have of spiritual and psychic experiences.

The father and son founded Spindrift Inc. to support education and research in the fields of consciousness, prayer, and spirituality. Bruce and John were Christian Science practitioners.

Spindrift explored positive and negative prayers. Years before 9/11, Spindrift urged people to pay attention to the negative prayers as dark promises by Islamic terrorists. Prayers sent to kill is the most important prayer issue of our times. Cyber terrorism tunnels through the Internet to hit targets. Toxic prayer tunnels through dark consciousness to hit targets.

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Spindrift Research
This book describes the work of some original thinkers, supported by over 20 years of meticulous experimental and analytical research of ingenious design. It bears on the nature of prayer and of healing, and of powers of the human mind little appreciated by most people. Because the philosophical background and the experimental work differs from the mainstream, the research and its important implications for all of us has been largely overlooked. Bill Sweet’s homely and disarming writing style presents the material in a personal way that is easily accessible to readers of all backgrounds. Read it, enjoy it, and save your judgment until you have finished and pondered it a while.

-- Theodore Rockwell, nuclear engineer and Author

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Spindrift Research